Race Across Belgium


The 3rd edition of RACE ACROSS BELGIUM (hereinafter referred to as the Event) is organised from 11 MAY 2023 to 14 MAY  2023 by  Across and Beyond Endurance AG (hereinafter referred to as A.B.E or the Organiser).

This document defines :
(i) the sporting regulations of the Event (hereinafter the Regulations),
(ii) the general terms and conditions of sale applicable to any order of products or services relating to the Event placed with the Organiser via the NJUKO registration platform (hereinafter the A.B.E General Terms and Conditions of Sale).
The terms “you”, “your” and “yours” refer to you, as a participant or consumer or as a legal representative or legal guardian (over 18 years of age) if that participant or consumer is a minor in his/her country of residence.

Your registration for the Event implies your express and unreserved acceptance of these Rules and of the present A.B.E. General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
Only the legal representative of a minor can register this minor child for the Event. Therefore, if parental authority is exercised jointly, the legal representative of the minor child guarantees the Organiser that the other holder of parental authority has read and accepted this document without reservation. This document supplements the Terms of Use of the online registration platform called NJUKO (hereinafter NJUKO), which can be found at njuko.net

In case of contradiction between the terms of the NJUKO Terms of Use, the present A.B.E Terms and Conditions and the Regulations, the terms of the Regulations shall prevail over the A.B.E Terms and Conditions, which shall in turn prevail over the NJUKO Terms of Use.

The Organiser may revise and update the A.B.E Terms and Conditions and the Regulations at any time; please check them regularly.
Any changes that are made will apply immediately upon notification, by any means, including the publication of a revised version here on the raceacross.cc website. In the event of a material change to the Terms and Conditions and/or the Regulations, the Organiser will endeavour to notify you by email to the email address provided on NJUKO.

Role of NJUKO:

The NJUKO site through which you placed your order, allows professional vendors and organizers to list and sell their products and services. Although the NJUKO platform facilitates transactions on the NJUKO platform, NJUKO is not the seller or organiser of the products and services related to the event.
Accordingly, for the sale of event products or services, a contract of sale is formed solely between you and the Organiser. The Organiser is responsible for the sale of products or services relating to the Event and for any claims or other matters arising out of or in connection with the contract of sale between you and the Organiser.


These sporting regulations (hereinafter the Regulations) apply to all participants in the Event. They form an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale referred to above and comply with the regulations of the French Cycling Federation specific to ultra distance cycling.  

In case of conflict with the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the provisions of the Regulations shall prevail.


The RACE ACROSS BELGIUMis one of the so-called semi-autonomous ultra-distance cycling events, offering 3 distances without assistance (bikepacking).
The event takes place in a single stage, passing through checkpoints called BASE DE VIE, on an open road, in solo, duo or quartet, at a free pace, but with a limited time for each distance.

The distances are as follows:

  • Distance of 300 kilometres (approx.): about 4,000 metres of positive altitude difference, starting and finishing at the Collège Cardinal Mercier in Braine l’Alleud. 24 hours maximum to complete the course.

  • Distance of 500 kilometres (approx.): approximately 5,000 metres of positive altitude difference, starting and finishing at the Collège Cardinal Mercier in Braine l’Alleud. 40 hours maximum to complete the course.

  • Distance of 1000 kilometres (approx.): for approximately 8,000 metres of positive altitude difference, starting and finishing at Cardinal Mercier College in Braine l’Alleud. 3 days maximum to complete the course.

Details of the course(s) will be presented on the event website and social networks at a later date.

The event will take place in semi-autonomy, in case of malfunction of the GPS tracker provided by the organisation, all material evidence (receipt) and immaterial evidence (photos, videos) will be studied by the organisation to validate the respect of the rules. The route through the landscapes and panoramas, each as sumptuous as the next, will allow you to discover our regions and departments in depth. You will have the chance to follow in the footsteps of the belgian classics. The route open to traffic is common to all categories. The clearly marked “life bases” along the route are open to the public so that your friends and family can come and cheer you on. You can choose to take part in this event alone or in teams of 2, 4 friends, teammates or colleagues.

The course is not signposted but will be made available to participants in the form of a GPX link accessible exclusively via free access on the Komoot platform. 


The RACE ACROSS BELGIUM is an ultra-distance cycling event known as SEMI-AUTONOMY.

Semi-autonomy is defined as the ability to be autonomous between two “Bases de Vie”, in terms of food, clothing and safety equipment, allowing the rider to adapt to foreseeable and unforeseeable problems. 
No assistance is allowed on the course outside the life stations, under penalty of immediate disqualification. 

 The following rules apply:
1. No organised support is allowed along the course

2. The “base de vie” are supplied with food and drink to be consumed on site and no other assistance is allowed along the course. 

3. It is forbidden to be supported or to accept to be accompanied during all or part of the event, outside the “base de vie”.

4. Taking advantage of a rider’s drafting is forbidden for participants in all categories. Any person who has taken advantage of or caused a rider to take advantage of a draft will cause the disqualification of both riders. Drafting is tolerated for teams in the “Duo” and team of 4 categories.

5. Any group formed of more than two people at any time during the event will be excluded from the event if it lasts more than 60 minutes.

6.Outside the Base de Vie, the participant shall obtain food (solid and liquid) and equipment from the shops available on the route, as well as sleeping in a hotel, at a local house or in a bivouac, in accordance with local rules.

Nota bene: A participant who accepts to be filmed without accreditation by the organisation and therefore, accompanied, outside the expressly designated areas, contravenes the principle of semi-autonomy. Any participant wishing to be filmed must inform the organisation at least 30 days before the start of the event and request accreditation for the production team so that it can be identified by the organisation and also by the participants. 

The event regulators who witness irregularities are entitled to penalise participants in order to participants in order to guarantee the spirit of the events and of RACE ACROSS SERIES. Only riders wearing a visible and duly checked helmet and frame number will have access to the refreshment posts.

There are a total of 5 types of bikes accepted:

  • Standard (standard, time trial, road)
  • Tandem
  • Recumbent bike
  • Handcycle
  • Open (different types of bikes)

Bikes must be powered by human power only. All members of a team must use the same type of bike. If teams use different types of bikes, they will be placed in the Open category. A participant or team may request the organisation to register in the Open category. Consideration will be given to participants in the Open category for an early start. All participants in the Open category must respect the defined time limits. No participant will be considered as a finisher after a finish outside the time limits of the organisation.

The maximum time limits for the events are calculated according to the participant’s start time, and are fixed for the RACE ACROSS SERIES as follows:

– 300 kilometres: 24 hours.
– 500 kilometres: 40 hours.
– 1000 kilometres: 120 hours.


Registration exclusively on the internet via the website www.raceacross.cc and secure payment by credit card from 1st November 2022 for all distances. The registration will be considered complete and will therefore be validated as soon as it includes the following elements for each runner.  Each registration entitles the holder to one race number. No transfer of race numbers is permitted for any reason whatsoever. All registrations for an event are personal, firm and final, and will not be reimbursed for any reason whatsoever, unless specifically stipulated in the Regulations. A.B.E encourages all participants to subscribe to the cancellation insurance via the NJUKO platform at the time of their registration.  Any person who transfers his or her number without the file of this third party being validated in Njuko will be held responsible in case of an accident occurring or caused by this third party during the event. The Organiser declines all responsibility in the event of an accident in this type of situation. When registering as a team, the commitment of the team members is firm and definitive: no change of team member may be made for any reason whatsoever, unless specifically stipulated in the Regulations.


To participate in our RACE ACROSS SERIES events you must be at least aged at the date of the event:

– Under 12 years old for the KIDS & FAMILY 50km event

– Under 15 years old for the KIDS & FAMILY 75km event

– Under 18 for the KIDS & FAMILY 120km event

– Over 18 for all other events. 


It is reminded that controls will be carried out during the event to ensure perfect conditions of regularity of the race, in particular with regard to the conditions of age and medical certification.

By participating in the event, you are taking part in one of the sports events organised or approved by a sports federation. Consequently, your participation is subject to the compulsory presentation of :
– a licence from the French Cycling Federation valid on the date of the event and bearing proof of the issue of a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications to the practice of cycling in competition.
– or, a sports licence issued by one of the following federations, valid on the date of the Event, on which is mentioned the “no contraindication to the practice of the sport”:o

  • Fédération sportive de la police nationale (FSPN),
  • Fédération sportive des ASPTT,
  • French Cycling Federation (FFCT),
  • Fédération sportive et gymnique du travail (FSGT),
  • Union française des œuvres laïques d’éducation physique (UFOLEP);

– or, a medical certificate which must be less than one year old at the date of the event or a copy thereof, for non-members to whom the event is open.

The medical certificate must state:

  •  “no contraindication to the practice of ultra-distance cycling, OR
  • “no contraindication to cycling in competition

Prior to the event, the medical certificate or the photocopy of the licence in dematerialized format can be communicated by the participant via the NJUKO registration platform allowing you to access your participant space.  No medical certificate sent by mail or e-mail will be taken into account.
These documents communicated in a dematerialized way must be sufficiently in advance of the event and at most 30 days before the date of the event to allow the Organizer to validate them. The participant will have to check on his NJUKO account that his supporting document has been validated. If this is not the case, this document will have to be brought materially at the time of the withdrawal of the bibs.

Authenticity checks of medical certificates and licences may be carried out on the spot, even in cases where the participant has uploaded these documents on his NJUKO account. The participant must therefore be able to provide these documents when picking up his/her number or during the event.

ATTENTION – Participants living abroad: You are required to provide a medical certificate bearing the Mandatory Mention described above, even if you are the holder of a licence issued by the federation of your country of residence.

This certificate must be dated less than one year before the date of the event, signed and allow the authentication of the doctor, whether or not the latter is established on French territory.

If the doctor is not established on French territory, the medical certificate must be written in English, Spanish, German, Italian or Portuguese.

Registration for the event implies the express and unreserved acceptance by each Participant of these Rules.


RACE ACROSS BELGIUM  is open to all athletes in excellent physical condition. The participant must be able to evolve in semi-autonomy both by day and by night and be fully aware of the difficulty of this discipline.  

However, in order for your registration to be validated for the 1000 K distances, the organisation will ask participants registered for these distances for references to ensure your experience.

For access to the RACE ACROSS SERIES 1000 K, you will have to fulfill one of the following conditions:

  • FINISH 300 KM in the last 14 months
  • FINISH 500 KM in the last 24 months
  • FINISHER 1000 KM in the last 36 months
  • FINISHER 2500 KM in the past
  • Reference on Event / Cycling event (road, gravel, MTB, virtual) long distance / BRM or a self-organised adventure of at least 500 K
  • The organisation reserves the right to validate other references according to profile & experience

The participant undertakes to take out repatriation insurance to cover repatriation costs in the event of an accident. You can take out such insurance with our partner Assur Connect, an insurance broker specialising in sport: CLICK HERE

You can also contact your insurer to find out which insurance is best suited to your situation.



Bib numbers can be collected on presentation of the following documents:

– QR code generated automatically via the NJUKO platform

– Your licence or medical certificate meeting the conditions mentioned above (only for a registration made within 15 days before the event)

– Your invitation, available for download on your NJUKO account and/or sent by e-mail before the event,

– Your official and valid identity document.

The withdrawal of bib numbers is exclusively done in the dedicated area of the Event Village, the exact time and place will be communicated later.

Any number assignment is firm and final. No number will be sent by post, nor will it be given outside the opening hours of the Start Village.
The bib will be necessary to access the start area and the life bases and must remain fully legible during the race, even in case of bad weather. 

The DROP BAG is sent and dispatched by the organisation to the “base de vie” so that the participant can pick it up as soon as he/she arrives. On arrival at a base camp, each participant will be given his DROP BAG in a place designated for this purpose.
When leaving the “base de vie”, the participant will deposit his or her DROP BAG in the place provided for this purpose. 
The DROP BAG is then returned to the participant’s place of arrival by the organisation.

How many DROP BAGs for what distance:

– 300 K > No DROP BAG

– 500 K > 1 DROP BAG

– 1000 K > 2 DROP BAG

DROP BAGS are given to the competitor or to relatives, exclusively on presentation of the race number. 


All DROP BAGS at the finish base will be available upon the arrival of each participant.  
Participants who have abandoned their bags will have to recover them at their own expense at the place communicated and indicated by the organisation.
The organisation will ensure the repatriation of the DROP BAGS to the finish village for runners who have abandoned.
The repatriation period depends on logistical constraints and the organisation cannot guarantee the complete repatriation of bags before the end of the event.

As the contents of the bags are not checked, no dispute over the contents on arrival is admissible. It is recommended that you do not place valuables in your bag.
As soon as your withdrawal is registered, members of the organisation team will contact the persons concerned to find out whether the DROP BAG can be recovered or not and if the DROP BAG is sent by parcel post, it will be at the participant’s expense. 



Early Entry bib: 150€.

Full price bib number: 190€.


Early Entry bib number: 200

Full price bib number: 253


Early Entry bib: 280€

Full price bib number: 354€

 The price of bib numbers is expressed in Euros, including all taxes, at the rate in force on the day of your registration. Exceptional promotions may be put in place by the Organiser in order to allow you to benefit from a reduction on the number bib price.

For reasons of safety of the Event, the Organiser reserves the right to limit the number of race numbers available. The price of race numbers may vary depending on the date of your registration for the Event. 



Even if the conditions of access to the events organised by A.B.E. are based on past performances, it can happen that some participants cannot keep up with the pace for various reasons and are very late.
The opening and closing dates of the bases of life have been set up and are calculated as accurately as possible according to the time limit of each event.
If a competitor passes after the closing of a base camp, the event management will contact the competitor to discuss the situation with the participant. The fact of passing after the base of life has been closed is not eliminatory unless the event management decides to do so after discussion with the competitor. 

Any competitor who has been excluded from the event and who wishes to continue his or her course freely will be under his or her own responsibility and in complete autonomy.

Each of the living bases made available to participants on the course is validated by the organisation and includes the following elements: 

  • A “Friends & family” reception area
  • An area reserved for DROP BAGS
  • An area reserved for refreshments
  • An area reserved for the recovery part
  • A shower and sanitary area

At each of the life bases along the course, you will find the following food and beverages:

  • cold drinks
  • hot drinks
  • Partner refreshments
  • hot or cold dishes or other sandwiches


Each participant at the start of one of the 1000 KM RACE ACROSS SERIES events has the obligation to have a minimum of 4 hours of rest time per 36 hours from the start time. This control will be realized via the GPS.

The stopping time is calculated on a cumulative time.

In case of non-respect of the rest time >> immediate disqualification.


In order to ensure the health safety of participants, the Organiser may issue a Health Protocol including the need to present a document attesting to the participant’s non-infection by the COVID-19 virus in order to have access to the Event.

n order to participate in the Event, the participant must strictly respect the said Sanitary Protocol and acknowledges the Organiser’s right to refuse participation/access to – or to exclude from – the Event any participant for non-compliance with the measures laid down without the Organiser’s liability being engaged or sought as a result.

You will be informed of the provisions of this Health Protocol by a communication sent to the e-mail address given at the time of your registration on NJUKO.


It is the responsibility of a runner in difficulty or seriously injured to call for help:

  • By calling the Security HQ (number on the frame plate)
  • By asking another rider to call for help if he cannot do it himself
  • By using the SOS function on their GPS beacon

Each rider must assist any person in danger and notify the emergency services.
Samu – 15
Police Emergency – 17
Fire brigade – 18
General – 112

Do not forget that all kinds of hazards, linked to the environment and the event, may make you wait longer than expected for help. Your safety will then depend on the quality of what you have put in your bag and the respect of the compulsory equipment.

All the regulators and members of the organisation are authorised to :

  • to remove from the event any competitor deemed unfit to continue the event
  • to evacuate by any means the runners they judge to be in danger
  • direct participants to the most appropriate medical facility

A rider who calls on the services of a doctor or first-aid attendant submits to his authority and agrees to accept his decisions.
As soon as a rider’s state of health justifies treatment by means of an intravenous infusion, the rider shall be excluded from the event.
Any rider who voluntarily leaves the course is no longer under the responsibility of the organisation.
During the event, the only means of communication between the participants and the organisation is to call the number of the Security HQ communicated before the event. 


A.B.E has taken out civil liability insurance for the duration of the RACE ACROSS BELGIUM event.



For reasons of safety and to ensure the smooth running of the RACE ACROSS SERIES events, the organisation makes the following equipment mandatory.


  • Approved helmet (CE STANDARDS)
  • Front bike light *
  • Helmet light (headlamp)
  • Rear bike light x2 *
  • High visibility waistcoat or visibility harness
  • Gps meter with downloaded route in one or more segments
  • Repair kits **
  • Reflective strips ***
  • Mobile phone with the number of the security headquarters ****
  • 2 survival blankets (1.40m x 2m)
  • Water reserve minimum 1 litre
  • Food reserve (Recommendation: 400kcal)

*With batteries or spare battery for each lamp
**Multi tools / 2 chambers / 3 tyre changers / Pump / Patches and glue
*** Rear shroud / front fork – Provided by our partner The Beam
***** keep your phone on, do not hide your number and do not forget to leave with a charged battery


  • Jacket to withstand bad weather (especially in the mountains) type Gore-Tex
  • It is important to note that the equipment should be adapted to your own capabilities. In particular, you should not choose the lightest possible clothing in order to save a few grams, but prefer clothing that really provides good protection against the cold, wind and snow, and therefore better safety and performance.
  • It is important for your safety that your equipment is bright and visible.


 Control of all the compulsory equipment at the time of the distribution of the bib
 Control at each exit from the base de vie: 3 elements drawn at random
A penalty of 2 hours for each missing item (start or base camp)


Road safety is ensured by the Préfecture de Police, the medical service by the Organiser’s service provider and, if necessary, by the French Red Cross and the Protection Civile. The latter may decide to withdraw a participant from the race for medical reasons. In no case will the Organiser be held responsible if a participant is unable to finish the race following a decision to withdraw from the race taken by these general services.



  • Section of the course > Leaving the track
    Any participant who leaves the track must pick up where he/she left it.
    If we note from the GPS readings that a participant has cut the track in an “unjustified” manner that has allowed him/her to gain time significantly over the next participant, whether voluntary or involuntary, the penalty will be as follows:

    – The time gained by a participant over the following participant is between 0 and 30 minutes > a penalty of one hour will be applied

    – The time saved by a participant on the next participant is between 31 and 60 minutes > a penalty of two hours will apply

    – The time saved by a participant on the next participant is between 60 and 120 minutes > a penalty of four hours applies

    – If the time gained by a participant over the next participant is more than 2 hours in a single offence, the participant in question will be disqualified.

    – The participant will be disqualified on the 3rd infraction concerning the cutting of the course

  • – Absence of compulsory safety equipment (helmet: front and rear lights in working order, no survival blanket, no visibility waistcoat) > Disqualification
  • – Absence from the pre-event meeting > 1 hour penalty
  • – File incomplete before 31/05 > Disqualification
  • – Media vehicle not registered > 12 hour penalty
  • – Throwing of rubbish (voluntary act) > 4 hours penalty
  • – Non-respect of persons (organisation or riders) /Nota bene: a participant
  • whose supporters show incivility and/or refuse to respect the organiser’s instructions will be penalised
  • of the organiser will be penalised. > Disqualification
  • – Non-assistance to a person in difficulty (requiring assistance) > Disqualification
  • Disqualification
  • – Cheating Category 1: Using a bike not declared to the organisation, riding while drafting
  • or being drafted > 4 hours penalty
  • – Category 2: Unauthorised assistance / riding in the draft of a vehicle > Disqualification
  • – Category 3 cheating: Use of a means of transport, sharing a number,
  • Hanging on to a moving vehicle > Immediate and lifetime disqualification
  • – Lack of a visible frame plate, visible number in the bikepacking category > Penalty of 2 hours
  • – Failure to respect the highway code > 4 hour penalty
  • – Absence of GPS beacon > As decided by the event management
  • – Refusal to obey an order from the event management, a regulator or patrol officer
  • or patrol officer, a station chief, a doctor or a first-aid attendant > Disqualification
  • – Refusal to take a doping control > Immediate disqualification for life
  • – Passing or leaving a checkpoint after the time limit > At the discretion of the event management

 The organiser may, before, during and after the event, check compliance with these regulations and immediately apply the following penalties at his discretion.
(*) Time penalties are applicable once the rider has crossed the line but he/she will be informed of the event management’s decision via the monitoring platform.
(**) Disqualifying penalties are applicable immediately and the rider will be informed as soon as the decision is taken by the event management.
Any other breach of the rules will be subject to a penalty decided by the event management.


The participant is fully aware that Ultra Distance Cycling is an extremely dangerous sport and that he/she dangerous sporting activity and that he/she may be confronted with climatic conditions (rain, heat, cold, storms). 
The participant is fully aware that for such an event the safety of the participant depends solely on his/her ability to adapt to the problems encountered.
The participant is fully aware that the role of the organiser is not to help or assist him/her in dealing with problems, even in the event of technical, physical or mental problems.
By registering, the participant accepts without reservation and irrevocably all the extreme risks of the event, in particular the risk of an accident that could even lead to the death of the participant, and to bear sole responsibility for any type of damage that he/she may suffer as a result of his/her participation in the event.
The participant thus accepts to participate in the event at his/her own risk.
By accepting all the risks of this particularly dangerous event, the participant accepts, with full knowledge of the cause and possible consequences, to discharge the entire responsibility of the organiser in tort and/or contract.
In return, the participant agrees to :

  • Be present at the pre-event briefing/meeting and official ceremonies to which they are invited
  • Be present at the prize-giving ceremonies if they are involved
  • Agree to wear a GPS tracker provided by the organisation at the start of the event, for the duration of the event; then return this beacon at the end of the event by their own means and assume the cost of this beacon if it is destroyed, lost or damaged
  • Be present at the start area no later than 20 minutes before the start of the
    participant’s departure.
  • Accept and respect the rules of the event
  • Accept any decision of the organisation and the regulators
  • Show goodwill towards the participants and the organisation.
  • To have taken out and be insured by a “Damage accident” insurance policy for the duration of the event.


Except in the case of injury, a participant must not abandon the event anywhere other than at a “base de vie”. 
In the event of abandonment, the recommended procedure is as follows:

  • Notify the Safety HQ of the withdrawal.
  • Go to the nearest “base of life” by your own means to return the equipment provided to the person in charge of the base of life and, if necessary, to recover your DROP BAG 
  • In the event of non-return, the participant will be invoiced directly by the GPS supplier, partner of the event, for the amount of 350 euros (all taxes included). By accepting the present rules when registering, the provider will invoice the person concerned directly.



The registration is nominative. 
The participant can change his/her registration until 30 days before the departure date, i.e. 22 June 2023, to another distance or format for a transfer fee of 30 euros (VAT included).

If the participant changes from an event with a higher price to an event with a lower price, the difference will be reimbursed to the athlete taking into account the date of his/her change in relation to the registration price at that same date from which the change fee will be deducted. 

If an athlete transfers from a less expensive event to a more expensive event, the athlete will have to pay the difference in addition to the transfer fee. 

A transfer within a full distance (if the organisation has decided to limit entries) is not possible or the participant accepts to be on the waiting list.
A participant can only transfer his/her entry once.
No changes will be accepted less than 30 days before the date of the event, i.e. 20 April 2023. It is permitted to transfer your entry to another RACE ACROSS SERIES event.


The registration is nominative.  It is allowed to transfer your entry to another RACE ACROSS SERIES event. 
To cancel your participation you must respect the following process: 

  • Send an email to contact@raceacrossbelgium.com. No withdrawal will be recorded by phone or message on social networks.
  • Activate in the runner’s area the cancellation insurance if it has been subscribed.
  • No withdrawals will be recorded by telephone.

The reimbursement of the fees paid at registration will be made by a total or partial re-credit of the payment to the bank account associated with the credit card used at registration, under the following conditions.

However, if you do not opt for this cancellation insurance, the following refund policy will apply:
– From the opening to 4 months before the date of the event: 80% of the refund minus the administrative costs

– From 4 months to 2 months before the date of the event: 40% of the refund minus the administrative costs

– Less than 2 months: 0% of the refund

Administrative costs: €30

Any person can at the time of his registration subscribe to the cancellation guarantee for an additional cost proportional to the cost of the event on which the participant wishes to commit himself guaranteeing him a refund at 80% if cancellation until 72h after the departure.
The purpose of the guarantee is to allow the full reimbursement of the costs incurred for the registration in the event that a runner asks to cancel his/her registration for all unforeseeable and accidental reasons.


Any complaint resulting from the Event must be made in writing, in French or in English, stating the surname, first name and race number of the participant, and sent to the Organiser’s head office by e-mail to the following address: contact@race-across.com or by post to the following address:
The Ride Eat Sleep & Share Association
11 Rue Childebert 69002 Lyon

Any complaint must be made within 10 days after the end of the event.

In the absence of a response within two (2) months or in the event of an unsatisfactory response from the Organiser, you may, before taking the matter to a competent court and within one (1) year of the date of sending the first notification to the Organiser, have recourse free of charge to the mediation service for consumer disputes relating to the Event by contacting the CMAP on the contact details given above or on its website (http://www.cmap.fr/offre/un- consumer/) or by taking the matter to the competent public consumer mediator.



If circumstances so require, the organiser reserves the right to modify at any time the course, start times, time barriers, the position of feed stations and aid posts, and any other aspect linked to the smooth running of the events.
In the event of force majeure, very unfavourable weather conditions or any other circumstance endangering the safety of competitors, the organisation reserves the right to :

  • – postpone the start by a maximum of a few hours
  • – modify the time limits
  • – cancel the event
  • – neutralise the event
  • – stop the event in progress
  • – Change the course

The participant accepts without reservation and irrevocably this right to modifications if his registration has been made with full knowledge of the facts.
The participant waives the right to hold the organiser liable for any change in the date or any other modification or to request the payment of any indemnity in this respect.
In the event of a change in the date of the event, in particular, the registration fee will not be refunded to the participant if he/she decides not to participate in the event for which he/she was registered.


The organiser reserves the right to cancel the event in cases of force majeure. 
The participant accepts this right of cancellation unreservedly and irrevocably, provided that the registration was made with full knowledge of the facts.
The participant waives the right to hold the organiser liable in the event of cancellation of the event or modification of its date or to demand payment of any compensation in this respect.
In the event of force majeure (notably bad weather conditions, safety problems), the organiser reserves the right to stop the event in progress.
If the event is cancelled for reasons beyond the organiser’s control (e.g. Covid restrictions, force majeure), the organisers will offer runners various options (postponement, transfer, partial reimbursement) which will be confirmed in due course.


Image of the participant:

The Event may be captured for the purpose of communication to the public, in any form (notably photo, video…), on any existing or future medium. ), on any existing or future medium, in any format, for any communication to the public throughout the world, for any use including advertising and/or commercial purposes, each participant expressly authorises the Organiser, its beneficiaries or assigns (in particular its commercial partners) to fix and reproduce on any medium and by any means, and consequently, to reproduce and represent, without remuneration of any kind, his/her name, voice, image, and more generally his/her sports performance in the context of the Event (hereinafter referred to as his/her Image), for a period not exceeding ten (10) years following the date of the Event. In this respect, the participant expressly authorises the Organiser to grant sub-licences to the partners of the Event for the commercial and advertising use of his/her Image.

To this end, each participant expressly and irrevocably authorises the Organiser, its beneficiaries, its successors (in particular its commercial partners), in order to meet the requirements of advertising, promotional and/or commercial campaigns, to 1) make any modification, addition or deletion that it deems useful for the use of its Image under the conditions defined above 2) associate and/or combine with his Image, all signatures, catchphrases, slogans, captions, trademarks, distinctive signs, legal notices, visuals and, in general, any element of any kind chosen by the Organiser, intended in particular to illustrate the communication media in which they are integrated.

The participant guarantees that he/she is not bound by any exclusive contract relating to the use of his/her Image. The participant is informed and accepts without reservation that his/her participation in the event implies the capture of his/her Image by the official service providers of the Organiser with regard to the Event website, the participant accepts that he/she may be identified by any internet user providing his/her name, first name and/or race number. If you wish to object to such publication for a legitimate reason, you must communicate this decision to the Organiser at contact@race-across.com, prior to the Event and no later than thirty (30) days before the Event, so that the appropriate measures can be taken.

Images of the Event:

Any communication of still images and/or animated sequences of the Event, by the participant, captured on the occasion of his/her participation in the Event must be limited to personal use and may in no case be used for promotional and/or commercial purposes outside the Event.

The Ride Eat Sleep & Share association is the owner of the exploitation rights of event that it organises under the legally registered brand name RACE ACROSS BELGIUM.
All still or filmed images of the event are therefore the exclusive property of the organiser. Any communication about the event or the use of the event in any form or medium whatsoever must respect the name of the event, the registered trademark and with the express agreement of the organiser. Any commercial use of the name and/or images of the event may only be made after a written agreement resulting from a detailed written request.

Any dispute arising from or in connection with the RACE ACROSS BELGIUM event shall be exclusively submitted to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland, in accordance with the Code of Sports Arbitration. According to our ethical charter, any ostentatious display of political and/or religious messages or images during the event is prohibited.


According to the French law of 6 August 1978 on data processing and freedom, and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD EU 2016/679), any competitor has the right to access and rectify data concerning him/her.
The information is collected within the framework of a registration to one of the events of the Ride Eat Sleep & Share association for the needs of the organisation, and in particular to identify each competitor individually in order to communicate to him/her before, during or after the event any information related to his/her participation.

All the data of the rider is kept for a period of 10 years, renewable at each registration, corresponding to the legal period of conservation of the medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of Ultra Distance cycling.
Beyond these 10 years, and unless explicitly authorised by the rider, all data is deleted except for name, first name, date of birth, gender and nationality in order to maintain the rankings.
Any request to modify data can be made:
1. By mail to the following address

The Ride Eat Sleep & Share Association

11 Rue Childebert 69002 Lyon

2. By email to the following address: contact@raceacrossbelgium.com

Any request for access or modification of personal data will be processed as soon as possible after receipt of the request, within a maximum period of 1 month.

CNIL – According to the French law on data processing and freedom of 6 August 1978, you have the right to access and rectify all information concerning you. This information is only used within the organisation and concerns technical data such as your e-mail. The organisation will not use your data for any other purpose. In accordance with the law, each runner has the right to access and rectify his or her personal data. To do so, please send us an e-mail mentioning your name, first name and bib number.

The present General Conditions of Sale of ABE have been written in French, which will be considered as the official language. They are subject to French law. Any difficulty relating to the event that could not be amicably agreed between the Organiser and the participant will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent civil courts.